How to Pin a Video on TikTok

TikTok constantly makes new features with an upgraded client experience and gives more command over video content. One such component is the capacity to stick a video, which permits you to feature and focus on a particular video on your profile. In this article, we will direct you through the most common way of nailing a video to TikTok, bit by bit.

TikTok has acquired gigantic notoriety for its capacity to exhibit special and engaging recordings. As a substance maker, it’s vital to make your best recordings stick out and catch the attention of your audience. Nailing a video to TikTok is a superb method for accomplishing this objective, as it permits you to feature and element a particular video on your profile.

Grasping the Significance of Sticking a Video Nailing a video to TikTok can essentially influence the perceivability and commitment of your substance. At the point when you pin a video, it stays at the highest point of your profile, guaranteeing that each guest to your profile sees it first. This element is especially valuable assuming you have a video in which you think about your best work or, on the other hand, if you need to advance a particular message, mission, or occasion.

Stage 1: Open the TikTok

Application To start, open the TikTok application on your cell phone. Guarantee that you have the most recent variant of the application introduced to get to every one of the most recent highlights and updates.

Stage 2: Explore Your Profile

When you’re in the TikTok application, tap on the “Profile” symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you to your TikTok profile.

Stage 3: Select the video you need to pin.

TikTok shows your recordings in sequential order, with the latest ones showing up first. Take as much time as is needed to pick the video that best addresses your substance and lines up with your goals.

Stage 4: Tap on the shear button.

Whenever you’ve chosen the video, tap on the “Offer” button, which is addressed by a bolt pointing right. It’s normally situated at the bottom right corner of the video screen. Tapping on this button will open a rundown of sharing choices.

Stage 5: Pick the “Pin to Your Profile”

Choice Among the sharing choices, search for the “Pin to Your Profile” highlight. TikTok frequently bunches this choice with other sharing elements like “Save Video” or “Add to Top Picks.” Find the “Pin to Your Profile” choice and tap on it.

Stage 6: Affirm the Sticking Activity

Subsequent to choosing the “Pin to Your Profile” choice, TikTok will prompt you to affirm the sticking activity. This step guarantees that you are deliberate about sticking to the video. Affirm your decision by tapping on the “Pin” or “Affirm” button, contingent upon the adaptation of the application you are utilizing.

Stage 7: Actually, take a look at the attached video to your profile.

To confirm that the video has been effectively stuck, return to your TikTok profile. You will see that the stuck video is currently shown unmistakably at the highest point of your profile page. It will be the primary video guests see when they visit your profile.

Advantages of Pinning a Video to TikTok

Pining a video to TikTok offers a few benefits for content makers. Right off the bat, it guarantees that your best and most significant video content is promptly apparent to any individual who visits your profile. This can assist you in having an enduring effect and drawing in additional supporters. Also, stuck recordings will generally get higher commitment as they are given standout property on your profile. Clients are bound to watch and cooperate with the video when it is conspicuously included.

Best Practices

Pick your best satisfied: Select a video that features your imagination, uniqueness, or lines up with your mission or message.

Streamline the video portrayal: Specialty a convincing and succinct depiction that captivates viewers to watch the video.

Use hashtags: Incorporate important hashtags in your video depiction to expand its discoverability.

Draw in with viewers: answer remarks and connect with clients who collaborate with your stuck video to fabricate a local area.

Update your stuck video occasionally: To keep your profile new and dynamic, think about changing your stuck video intermittently to grasp various parts of your substance. Nailing a video to TikTok is a useful asset for content makers to feature their best work and really draw in with their crowd. By following the straightforward advances illustrated in this article, you can nail a video to TikTok and exploit the expanded perceivability and commitment it offers. Make sure to pick your video shrewdly, enhance its portrayal, and effectively associate with viewers to make the most of this element.


1. Might I, at any point, nail numerous recordings to TikTok? No, presently, TikTok just permits you to nail a single video at a time to your profile.

2. How long might I, at any point, keep a video nailed to my profile? There is no time limit for how long you can keep a video nailed to your profile. You can change the stuck video whenever.

3. Will sticking a video influence its view count or commitment measurements? No, sticking to a video doesn’t influence its view count or commitment measurements. The video will hold its unique measurements and keep on amassing perspectives and commitment to the surprise of no one.

4. Could I, at any point, stick another person’s video on my profile? No, you can upload recordings that you have made and transfer them to your own TikTok account. You can’t stick recordings from different makers onto your profile.

5. Will sticking a video build my possibilities of becoming a web sensation on TikTok? While sticking a video can expand its perceivability and commitment, it doesn’t ensure that the video will turn into a web sensation.

Becoming a web sensation on TikTok relies on different factors like substance quality, timing, patterns, and crowd commitment. Keep in mind that nailing a video to TikTok can be a significant device to make your audience feel satisfied and draw in with you successfully.

By following the framed advances and carrying out prescribed procedures, you can make the most of this element and have an enduring effect on TikTok clients who visit your profile. Try different things with various recordings, remain steady with your substance creation, and keep on drawing in with your crowd to fabricate areas of strength for a presence.

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