How to Connect Samsung Phone to PC

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect a Samsung phone to a computer, especially if your Windows or Mac computer lacks the ADB driver, which can identify not only Samsung devices but also any Android devices you connect.

Even if this article is only about Samsung phones, I can guarantee that by following the procedures and instructions, any Android device that you plug into your PC will be recognized, allowing you to transfer data from your phone to your computer.

Easy Ways to Connect a Samsung Phone to a Computer


These techniques are relatively simple, and even though some call for a wired process, the rest may be completed wirelessly from your Samsung to your PC.

1. Samsung Kies for PC usage

Samsung Kies is a Samsung PC suite that will allow you to easily connect your Samsung devices to your PC, much like Huawei Suite for PC does. Follow the instructions below to connect your Samsung phone to your PC using Samsung Kies. With this software, you can manage your Samsung files, contacts, music, and other items easily on your computer.

Steps for Using Samsung Kies to Connect a Samsung Phone to a PC

  • Once finished, you must download and install Samsung Kies on your PC. Open the software, and then use your USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to your PC.
  • Once your phone is connected, switch your Samsung device’s USB connection to File Transfer or MTP mode, then wait for Samsung Kies to recognize your device immediately.
  • You can now transfer files between your Samsung phone and your PC when your device has been recognized.

2. How to Connect your Samsung Phone to PC Using Bluetooth

Another way to link two or more devices is through a Bluetooth connection. Since Bluetooth is a wireless connection mode, files can be transferred more quickly from one device to the other. You can connect your Samsung phone to your PC using this method as well.

You should follow the easy instructions below to get started if your PC has the Bluetooth feature and you wish to connect your Samsung device to it.

  • On your Windows computer, Bluetooth must be enabled. Press the Start (Windows) button, select Settings, then select Devices > Bluetooth & other devices, and finally select Turn on Bluetooth to get started.
  • Once Bluetooth is enabled, select Bluetooth by clicking Add a Device. Your computer will begin looking for compatible devices.
  • Now go to Settings > Connections > Click on Bluetooth > Tap the toggle to turn it on on your Samsung handset.
  • Return to your PC and perform a new Bluetooth device search. When your Samsung is located, click the pair button to pair the two devices. Then you can move forward.

3. Connect Samsung To PC via MTP

You must have at least a USB cord on hand to use this method. Follow the instructions below to learn how to connect your Samsung device to a PC using MTP, which is one of the quickest methods available. MTP stands for “Media Transfer Protocol.”

Steps on how To Connect Samsung Phone to PC via MTP

You must first turn on your computer before continuing. Using a USB cable, join your Samsung gadget to your PC.

Swipe down the notification bar on your Samsung device and change the USB option from USB Charging Transfer Files once the cable has been connected to the PC and you have received a prompt message indicating that you have connected your phone to a PC.

Check your PC now to see if the connection to your Samsung device was successful. Look for any linked devices by going to This PC.

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