How To Change Top 6 Friends on Facebook

Facebook, with its myriad features, allows users to personalize their profiles extensively. One such customization is the selection of your Top 6 Friends, a visible feature that reflects your social priorities. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons for changing these friends and provide a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

The Significance of Facebook Friends

Facebook, being a social network, places a significant emphasis on connections. Your list of friends is a reflection of your social circles, and the platform provides tools for users to curate this list according to their preferences.

Understanding the Importance of Top 6 Friends

Visibility on Your Profile

Your Top 6 Friends hold a prominent position on your profile, appearing just below the cover photo. This placement gives them visibility and importance.

Impact on Algorithms and Feed

Facebook algorithms take into account your interactions and prioritize content from your Top Friends in your news feed. This can influence the content you see regularly.

Why Change Your Top 6 Friends?

Dynamic Relationships

Relationships evolve, and so do priorities. Changing your Top 6 Friends allows you to reflect your current social dynamics.

Reflecting Current Priorities

As your friendships and priorities shift, updating your Top Friends ensures that your profile aligns with your present connections.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Your Top 6 Friends on Facebook

  1. Accessing Your Profile:
    • Log in to your Facebook account and go to your profile.
  2. Locating the Top Friends Section:
    • Look for the section on your profile that displays your Top 6 Friends.
  3. Removing Current Top Friends:
    • Click on the edit or pencil icon in the Top Friends section.
    • Remove existing friends by clicking on the ‘X’ next to their names.
  4. Adding New Top Friends:
    • Click on the ‘Add Friends’ option.
    • Select the friends you want to add to your Top 6.
  5. Adjusting the Order:
    • Arrange your Top Friends in the order you prefer by dragging and dropping.
  6. Saving Changes:
    • Save your changes to update your Top Friends list.

Considerations and Best Practices

Respecting Privacy and Boundaries

Ensure that the friends you add to your Top 6 are comfortable with this visibility and respect their privacy.

Choosing Friends Wisely

Select friends based on the strength of your current connections and shared experiences.

Regularly Updating Your Top Friends

Periodically review and update your Top Friends to keep the list reflective of your evolving social landscape.

The Social Dynamics of Top Friends on Facebook

Impact on Friendships

Being on someone’s Top Friends list can influence how individuals perceive their importance in each other’s lives.

Navigating Expectations

Understanding the implications of being on someone’s Top Friends list can help manage expectations in friendships.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

Friendship Dynamics

Changing your Top Friends might lead to questions or concerns from friends. Communicate openly about the reasons for the change.

Managing Expectations

Be mindful that the visibility of your Top Friends can create expectations. Navigate these expectations with clear communication.


In conclusion, the ability to customize your Top 6 Friends on Facebook is a tool for personalizing your social media experience. By understanding the significance, following best practices, and navigating potential challenges, you can curate a profile that authentically represents your current social connections.


Q1. Can I change my Top 6 Friends frequently?

Yes, you can change your Top Friends as frequently as you wish. The process is flexible and allows for dynamic adjustments.

Q2. Do my Top Friends know they are on the list?

Yes, the friends you add to your Top 6 Friends list can see that they are part of it.

Q3. How does changing Top Friends affect my Facebook experience?

Changing Top Friends can influence the content you see in your news feed, as Facebook algorithms prioritize content from these friends.

Q4. Can I have fewer than 6 Top Friends?

No, the feature is designed for a minimum of 6 Top Friends. You can have more than 6 but not fewer.

Q5. Is there a limit to how often I can change my Top Friends?

There’s no set limit to how often you can change your Top Friends. The feature is designed to be flexible and can be adjusted whenever you deem necessary.

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